Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How does it work? 

We provide you with various types of targeted city offers, from restaurants, products, services and social activities.  We bring you familiar brands, and let you try popular & exciting new products. 

2. How do I follow a business?        

On any deal when you click the 'Locations' Tab, you will see a 'Follow' Button. It will only show when you are logged in.  By following a business, you will be the first to know when they launch their next deal.       

3. To become a member need to pay for it?    

Absolutely not! Membership is free.  

4. How to subscribe to the e-mail alert discounts? Through the top or bottom of the page you can fill in your e-mail address. Or By registering as a member.    
5. If the number does not meet the minimum purchase, will my credit card will be charged? No, we only charge your payment information when the promotion surpasses the "Deal Tipped" Amount.
6. How do I buy an offer? Choose the promotion you would like to purchase, click 'Add To Cart'. Fill out checkout information, and follow any redemption process if needed. 
7. How can I view & redeem my coupons? After payment is confirmed, your coupon will appear in the personal account. Check your account and view/print coupons.    

8. Do I need to print my redemption coupons? If the deal requires you to bring in a voucher code to a business, than yes.      

9. If I did not receive an email with my redemption coupons, how can I retrieve them? You can sign your account and check under 'Deal Certificates' which will show your purchase history.   
10. How do I redeem a coupon? Either online or at a merchant's place of business. Specific redemption instructions should be listed in the fine print of the deal. Please carefully read the instructions for coupon redemption.      
11. Do coupons expire?  
Expiration dates will be posted on the deal.       
12. Can I gift coupons? Of course. If you have purchased coupons that are to be redeemed at a business, either give them to your friends. Or when purchasing a deal it will give you an option to send it to a friend via email.      
13. If my coupons on my name, so my friends can use it? Yes. Redemption of coupons and coupon users do not need the name of the same record. But the coupons can only be renewed once.      
14. Can I use Open Market Deal  coupons along with other promotions? Unfortunaltey No. Open Market Deal coupons are generally a great deal as is, and cannot be combined.    
15. I can cancel an order or get a refund? Yes, as long as the payment has not been confirmed, you can cancel the order. Payment is confirmed and coupons have been issued, you can not cancel the order. Once the voucher is delivered, you may request to refund your order. We will, within reasonable grounds, grant refunds on a case-by-case basis. Such as coupons have confirmed that you request a refund, we will be depending on the circumstances, if there are reasonable grounds, we will try to meet your requirements. Refunds are given as store credit.